Karim Jivraj - Conservative Nomination Candidate - Calgary Centre

My name is Karim, and I want to be your next Member of Parliament.

I am running to become your next Conservative candidate and your next Member of Parliament. After 3 years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians have had enough. Enough of reckless spending. Enough of the relentless attack on our resource industries. Enough of a juvenile government that has put Canadians out of work, insulted our veterans, and embarrassed our country on the world stage.

It’s time to replace the Trudeau government. It's time to put an end to this myopic and ineffectual administration. It’s time to build pipelines, cut taxes, end corporate welfare, sign free trade agreements, respect our men and women in uniform, honour our veterans and once again represent Canada with dignity, gravitas and seriousness in world affairs. It’s time to get Canada back on track.

To win in Calgary Centre, we need a genuine conservative. When we pander, we lose. When we don't show up to debates, we lose. When we recite prepackaged slogans instead of speaking from the heart, we lose. We need a conservative who can win. We need to win back thoughtful centrists, students, young professionals, new Canadians as well as traditional conservatives in order to defeat the Liberals in 2019.

Let’s send an MP to Ottawa who has a track record of fighting for conservative values and who can speak for Canada.

I look forward to meeting you over the coming months. It would be an honour to serve you in our riding and to be your voice in the House of Commons.

If you want to get involved in my campaign, or if you’d like to share your thoughts with me, please get in touch by emailing campaign@karimjivraj.com, or calling me directly at (403) 681-3181.

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Karim Jivraj - Conservative Nomination Candidate - Calgary Centre

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I'm running to put Canada first and defeat Justin Trudeau in the next election!

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