Gordon Dirks

"Karim Jivraj is everything one could hope for in a Conservative MP: fluently bilingual in English and French, private sector background in international law and business with two law degrees, principled Conservative and articulate champion for Alberta, extensive grassroots political experience and Conservative Party member for over 14 years. Karim has the political experience, the intellectual depth, the personal warmth and an unbelievably passionate work ethic – all which are needed to defeat Kent Hehr and the Liberals in 2019. I am very pleased to endorse Karim Jivraj as a stellar candidate to carry the torch for our federal Conservative Party in Calgary Centre."
- Gordon Dirks, former Calgary Elbow MLA & Alberta Minister of Education 

Barbara McDougall

"I have known Karim Jivraj for years. His background in international law and his time spent in the United States and Europe has given him rare insight into complex geopolitical issues. This cultured, articulate and fluently bilingual young man will make a formidable parliamentarian." 
— Hon. Barbara McDougall, Canada's 20th Minister of Foreign Affairs

John Reynolds

"Karim Jivraj represents the future of the Conservative Party. A young man of deep conviction, Karim has developed a clear, intellectually substantive national vision for what he hopes to achieve through public service. In Calgary Centre, Karim is the one to watch."
- Hon. John Reynolds, PC, former Leader of the Canadian Alliance and Leader of the Official Opposition.

Marjory LeBreton

"I have had the great honour of serving the Conservative Party and its Leaders over several decades, from the visionary John Diefenbaker to the accomplished Stephen Harper. Over all these years, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with many talented and committed candidates, MPs and Senators. Karim Jivraj is just such a person and I have no doubt that he will be an exceptional Member of Parliament who will go on to make a significant contribution to Canadian public life. I know Karim to be hard working and deeply principled with the rare courage to speak truth to power. I am therefore pleased to endorse this fine young man to be our next Conservative candidate and Member of Parliament for the great riding of Calgary Centre."
— Hon. Marjory LeBreton, Senator (1993-2015) & Government House Leader in the Senate (2006-2013)

Shiraz Shariff

"As a Calgary MLA for 13 years, I know a winner when I see one. Karim Jivraj is the only candidate in Calgary Centre who can rally the conservative base and also persuade disaffected Liberal voters disappointed with Trudeau. Karim is convincing because he believes in things."
— Shiraz Shariff, Progressive Conservative Calgary MLA (1994-2008)

Jim Silye

"Karim is the first guy to come around in a long time who reminds me why I ever got into politics. The conservative movement was in desperate need of new blood and new vision when I represented Calgary Centre as a Reform MP. Canada is in trouble, and Karim has the right conservative values and attitude to fight for us in Ottawa. He is a very knowledgeable individual who understands the issues and who's unafraid to take a stand. This young man has guts."
- Jim Silye, Reform MP for Calgary Centre (1993-1997) & winner of the 1971 Grey Cup.

Moe Amery

"Karim's passion for Canada is unmistakable. It almost seems like a story from another time, but his dream is to serve his fellow citizens in the House of Commons. I hope he gets there. He's a uniquely gifted candidate with the potential to become a significant actor in Canadian political life."
— Moe Amery, Progressive Conservative Calgary MLA (1993-2015)

Russell Hillier

"Karim is a patriotic Canadian who puts his country first and is unafraid to take on the Liberal sacred cows of dual-loyalty multiculturalism and ethnic vote-pandering. He loves Canada. He's deeply principled. He is without a doubt the most dynamic, energetic and exciting candidate in this race. Karim is the type of next-generation conservative that the Liberals fear most."
— Russell Hillier, best-selling author of One Soldier: A Canadian Soldier's Fight Against the Islamic State

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